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Slovakia does not belong to the countries famous with waterfalls. There are not big heavy waterfalls on our rivers, but many small waterfalls increase the attraction ouf our landscape. The waterfalls can be mainly found in National parks or Protected Landscape Areas. Most of waterfalls are in Tatra Mountains, the second most important locality is Slovak Paradise.


Waterfall called after Andrej Kmeť - Kmeťov vodopád

- is considered to be the tallest waterfall in Tatra, is ca. 80 m high. It is located in the valley Kôprová dolina in High Tatra.

 Kmeťov vodopád 1


Waterfalls on the stream Studený potok

- cascade waterfall (3 falls) in the valley Veľká Studená dolina in High Tatra.

 Vodopády Studeného potoka

Waterfall Skok

- is the most known waterfall in High Tatra, in the valley v Mlynická dolina, it is ca. 30 m high.

Vodopad Skok


Waterfall called Závojový vodopád

- the most known waterfall in Slovak Paradise, in valley Sokolia dolina, ca. 60 m high.

Závojový vodopád


Waterfall called Šútovský vodopád

- is the tallest waterfall in Low Fatra, ca. 38 m high.

Sutovsky vodopad


Waterfall on the stream Bystrý potok

- protected natural monument, ca. 20 m high.

Vodopád Bystrého potoka

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