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Slovakia has not only rivers but also many natural lakes and water reservoirs. Tarns, e.g. mountain lakes formed by a glacier,  are very attractive for tourists.  Karst lakes are also interesting because of their origin.  There are also many artificial water reservoirs in Slovakia. Slovakia is also rich in mineral and geothermic water.



Tarns were created in the time of Quaternary glaciation. They were formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier.  There are over 80 tarns in Tatra mountians on the slovak side and 2 tarns in Low Tatra. Some of tarns are sustainable, some of them disappear in spring or in autumn. There are 2 kinds of tarns - tarns formed in a cirque or tarns formed by a moraine natural dam.


Veľké Hincovo pleso

The largest and deepest tarn is Veľké Hincovo pleso in Tatra mountain. Its surface area is 20,08 ha, maximum depth  53 m, it is located  1946 m above sea level. Its length is 740 m, width 370 m. On average 270 days per year it is covered by ice. The lake was formed in a cirque. It is located in valley Hincova dolina.

Velke Hincovo pleso


Modré pleso

- in valley Malá Studená dolina in High Tatra is the highest located stable tarn in Tatra mountain - at 2.192 above sea level (higher located is only not stable tarn Baranie pliesko - 2.207 m). Modré pleso has surface area  0,4 ha and depth  4,5 m.

Modré pleso a Malý Ľadový štít


Štrbské pleso

  - tarn located in High Tatra at 1346 m above sea level. Its surface area is 19,76 ha, maximum depth 20 m, length 640 m and width 600 m. On average 155 day per year it si covered by ice. It is the second largest tarn in Slovakia. It has no visible inflow or outflow stream, it is fed by underground springs.


Roháčske plesá

- it is a collection of tarns, the main four tarns are located in a cascade (second and third tarn are almost on the same level),
• tarn Veľké Roháčske pleso (alebo Dolné Roháčske pleso) - at 1.562,2 m above sea level, surface area 2,22 ha (the largest tarn from tarns Roháčske plesá), depth 7 m
• second and third tarn of  Roháčske plesá - at 1650 and  1653 m above sea level
• the upper tarn Horné Roháčske pleso - at 1719 m above sea level

Stawy Rohackie a4


Vrbické pleso

- is the largest natural lake- tarn  in Low Tatra. It is located in valley Demänovská dolina, at 1.113 m above sea level and its surface area is 0,69 ha.


Karst Lakes

Karst lakes were formed by clogging of sinkhole. In Slovakia can be found in Slovak Karst. In this area there are less streams and lakes are fed mostly with rain water. Therefore they often  change its size or they sometimes disappear.

Lake Jašteričie jazero

- called also Silické jazero is the largest karst lake in Slovakia. It is located in Slovak Karst, on plateu Silická planine, at 587 m above sea level. Its surface area is ca. 1,22 ha. The cave at ponor of the lake Jašteričie jazero is a protected natural monument. The total length is  1.189 m, depth 74 m and has rich decoration. It is an example of hydrologic conditions in karst areas like from a book.

Lúčanské jazierko

- is the karst lake in Slovak Karst in the district Rožňava. Its surface area is 0,17 ha and has an altitude 729 m.




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