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Slovakia is still not so well-known tourist destination. Still many people, if they hear Slovakia, do not know what do to with it. What they should do here? Many other think on Bratislava, High Tatras, perhaps Levoča.

But there are many other beautiful places, about which maybe tourists do not know or places which are not so often visited by tourists. And our aim is to publicise a bit the places, which are less known.

If you travel for business, or you have company here and visitors from abroad, or you plan to make holiday in Slovakia – you can maybe get on these sites new tips or you can use our services. If you will come with your means of transport or we will pick you up at the airport, if we will interfere with accommodation and other services based on our experiences, or you will choose and book it directly and we will give you the guide, we are able to adapt.

Level of services in Slovakia is different and the quality changes still. It happens, that at a guest house or hotel, which one year ago the high quality services offered, one year later the relation between price and quality is not more ok. But sure there are from year to year more and more islands of positive deviation. Therefore it is useful to have a contact on the spot, who check the quality.

According the words of our foreign tourists many of them are coming here already with some prejudices and we are happy if they are at leaving well-pleased and return next year to us.

We offer services from working out the itinerary till to completely interfering with all services according your wishes. Our aim is always the maximal satisfaction of our clients!



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