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Wooden Church in Hronsek

The wooden articular church (articular see  Wooden churches ) is located in the village Hronsek, ca 13 km far from Banska Bystrica. Construction of the wooden building was initiated 23rd October 1725 and already 31st October 1726 it was completed and festively consecrated. Since that time church serves its purpose untill today.

The church has Cross-shaped floor plan, it is a timber framing construction, which is typical most of all for german territories, in Slovakia was such construction used seldom. Church was built from wood of Larix decidua and oak. In interior u can find the elements of Scandinavian architecture - ranking of pillars of choir and under choir, which has ionic ornaments.

The church has total capacity of 1100 seats. Unique is the arrangement of pews of choir. In interior u can see the Late-Baroque wooden altar from 1771 with 6 exchangeable pictures painted by Samuel Mialovič. Very valuable is the Baroque organ built in 1764 by Master Podkonicky from Banska Bystrica. Organ has no pedals, it has only 6 sounding register. There is very good acustic in the church, also various concerts stage in this church.

Steeple near the church with similar architecture is as old as the church. In that time were also Tilias planted, which u can find near the church.

On 7th July 2008 was the areal of the wooden articular church in Hronsek registered in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

Pictures see Impresie - Drevený artikulárny kostol v Hronseku + kaštieľ

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