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Surrounding of Banska Bystrica

The surrounding of Banská Bystrica offers many opportunities.

Very interesting churches

Art historian, lovers of art and architecture can enjoy in the surrounding area (to 20 km) three Churches decorated with frescos, which were built about 1310 and Wooden Church in Hronsek, registered in UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.




Ľupčiansky hrad-1In the surrounding area (11 km) there is also castle Slovenská Ľupča, which was built in the reign of King Bela IV. of Hungary from the House of Arpad. The castle is mostly interesting because of its architecture, furnishing and exhibition are modest.


Zvolen Castle The castle in the city Zvolen is just 20 km far from Banská Bystrica.  In the castle there are more permanent but also temporary exhibitions - very interesting is the permanent exhibition - Lapidarium of the Gothic art – with architectural fragments and stone elements from both castle and castle chapel from 14th century. The copies and facsimile casts of the finest woodcuts by Master Paul from Levoca are on view as well.



Spa Sliač

Within a radius of 20 km from Banská Bystrica there are two spas - Spa Sliač and Spa Brusno, which use the mineral springs with healing effects. Spas offers many Spa-procedures and have big park areas, where can visitors walk and drink the healing water.



Harmanecka cave 2    Bystra Cave 1

In the surrounding area of Banská Bystrica there are also caves – ca. 10 km far away the cave Harmanecká jaskyňa, which is known by abundant occurance of white soft sinter and ca.39 km far away the cave Bystrianska jaskyňa, one part of this cave is used for speleotherapy.  Visitors with very good physical condition can visit the cave Jaskyňa mŕtvych netopierov (The Dead Bat’s Cave), which is situated in high mountains area and in national park Low Tatras.


Wattersport lovers can in the time from the end of mai to september explore the river Hron from village Nemecká to Sliač in a rubber dinghy or in a canoe.



Golfers have also opportunities to play golf here - 43 km far from Banská Bystrica Grey Bear Golf Club Tále (18 holes) and ca. 13 km Golf and Country Club Hron Tri Duby (9 and 18 holes).


SIAF - International Air show in Sliač

Every year at the end of August an International Air Fest SIAF take place at the airport Sliač.

SIAF 2017 was very interesting as far as program concerns. Here some examples:

For the first time came Airbus A380 - overfly the airport

UAE National Aerobatic team for the first time in Central Europe and that directly in this region - Fursan Al Emarat

Solotürk from Turkey - winner of dynamic display 2017

Zoltan Veres + Fursan Al Emarat




Two other very interesting central slovak former mining cities are far from Banská Bystrica only to 50 km.

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