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Former middle Slovak mining cities

Three middle Slovak former mining cities with rich tradition in mining Banská Bystrica, Banská Štiavnica and Kremnica are picturesque located surrounded with mountains. In the Middle Age belonged this region to the most important mining regions in Europa. Gold, silver and copper were mined here - from this are the adjectives of cities deduced - "Golden City" Kremnica, "Silver City" Banská Štiavnica and "Coppery City" Banská Bystrica. Since the end of 12th century the german mining workers and specialist were settled in this region. The Fugger und Thurzo families founded here the company Ungarischer Handel (Hungarian trade). This company became in 1494-1546 one of the most important mining and metallurgic companies in Europa. In 1328 established the king of Hungary Charles I. Robert of the House of Anjou in the city Kremnica the mint, which produce continuously nearly seven centuries the mint articles. Kremnica Mint produces coins for many countries in the world. Except gothic churches and pompous houses in Rennaisance style there are in these cities well preserved city castles, former headquarters of Chamber of Mines, hospital houses, so called Klopačka (knocking houses or knocking towers, which served in the past like time indicator and where with knocking on the wood the mining workers were called  to come to work) and also more for tourists available mines.


These three cities are well accessible also for long weekend. From Vienna or Airport  Schwechat there is a motorway directly to Banská Bystrica. Within few hours you can arrive and enjoy the region of former mining cities inclusive Church listed on UNESCO World heritage list

From - to Banská Bystrica km Road
Airport Schwechat 272 motorway E58
Wien 288   motorway E58  
Bratislava 211   motorway E58
Airport Budapest 203   road
Airport Krakow 222 road


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